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Daniel Cormier Bashes Dana White Supporters in his Wife Feud

The UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier has his say on the recent Dana White altercation with his Wife Anne and believes the support the UFC president is receiving, in this case, is totally unjustified.

Dana White has been in the limelight since the new year’s eve incident with his wife. White and his wife Anne were enjoying their holiday at a nightclub in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico when the two had a heated exchange of words which led to the scene which was captured by the camera.

His wife slapped him to which the premier responded with the same. But his actions have not gone well with the MMA society, with many of them calling for him to relinquish his post in the UFC.

In the meantime, White is also backed by the section that believes White shouldn’t bear all of the responsibility for his altercation with his wife.

The former two-division champ, Daniel Cormier has taken that part of society under his sword of words and issued a strong warning while condemning their antics.

He displayed his annoyance in the recent episode of ESPN MMA’s DC & RC show, quoting that there should be no space for such deeds and that the accused should rightly be censured.

“In these instances, the one thing you think about first is the family… how they will get through this. But Dana’s making no excuses for his actions. Some fighters are trying to defend him, (but) he doesn’t defend himself. Why should anyone defend his actions when he’s saying, ‘I was wrong.’ … There’s no debate Ryan. It’s not like we can sit up there and pretend it’s in debate whether or not it was right or it was wrong. There’s no debate.”

UFC light heavyweight contender Jamal Hill came out in support of White but apparently, the MMA fraternity isn’t liking his sympathies towards his boss.


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