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Daniel Cormier Believes Jon Jones Needs to be ‘Tested More’ by USADA

The UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier has given his verdict on USADA taking some fighters under strict scrutiny while keeping a lighter hand on the others.

Cormier has had a long history of disputes with the former light heavyweight champ, Jon Jones and it seems like he is still carrying that bitterness to this point.

Cormier-Jones rivalry is well-known by the MMA fraternity as the duo met twice in the octagon. On both occasions, Jones got the better of DC, stamping his authority over his contemporary.

Since calling off his MMA career, DC has been involved in analysing and commentating on the fights from the side cage. While Jones is still active as he believes he still has a lot to offer to the fans.

Jones hasn’t fought since beating Dominick Reyes back in 2020. Jones is eyeing a bigger prize as he prepares himself for even a bigger prize, another title in a new division.

While Jones makes arrangements for his much-anticipated debut at the heavyweight, his former foe DC feels like Jones isn’t being tested more by USADA than the rest of the fighters. He was letting his thoughts known to his audience on his Youtube channel.

“I’m saying test him more – not more than 65 times, that’s excessive. But test him more when he’s not the champ and when he’s not competing,” Cormier said. “Because guys are more inclined to cheat when they’re away from the spotlight. So I don’t get how USADA can test a guy so much as the champion, but the moment he walks away, they don’t test him at all.” DC said.

Jones is tested just four times in 2022 as per official records displayed on the USADA website.


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