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Daniel Cormier's Analysis of Potential USADA Exemption for Conor McGregor's UFC Comeback: 'Examining

As an esteemed figure in the world of mixed martial arts, Daniel Cormier takes a deep dive into the possible scenario of granting Conor McGregor a USADA exemption for his highly anticipated return to the UFC.

The future of Conor McGregor's much-anticipated UFC return is shrouded in uncertainty.

Earlier this year, the announcement was made that the Irish fighter's comeback bout would feature him facing off against former Bellator titleholder Michael Chandler. Interestingly, both McGregor and Chandler took on coaching roles for the 2023 edition of The Ultimate Fighter, setting the stage for a unique showdown.

However, despite the show's impending conclusion and the upcoming UFC 292 finals in Boston this Saturday, the customary Octagon clash between the coaching adversaries is conspicuously absent from the promotion's official schedule.

The future of Conor McGregor's much-anticipated UFC return is shrouded in uncertainty.
Conor McGregor

The predominant topic encircling McGregor's delayed reentry into the sport has revolved around his status with the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Notably, the Dublin native appears to have been excluded from the mandatory testing pool. According to USADA's regulations, a fighter must be an active participant in the testing pool for a duration of six months and must successfully complete two clean tests prior to resuming competition.

While McGregor has not adhered to these prerequisites for a potential fight by the end of the year, both UFC President Dana White and McGregor himself exude confidence in orchestrating his return. The fighter recently stated that his comeback is earmarked for December.

If such a scenario unfolds, the UFC would need to extend an exemption from the established testing pool timeline. This prospective decision has undeniably sparked a divergence of opinions within the MMA community.


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