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Danielle Perkins A Fighter For Life.

Today we will talk about a former boxer who fought inside and outside the ring. Before boxing, Perkins was a basketball player and was in countries like Italy, the Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain, Australia In 2008 Perkins was in Brooklyn, she was about to go to Turkey to play.

Unfortunately Perkins was run over and suffered a fractured skull, dislocated neck, dislocated shoulder and damaged nerves from the waist down.

Perkins had to learn to walk again. In an interview she stated "At my darkest point, if I couldn't be athletic, I didn't want to be alive." "Certain things in life give you the opportunity to stay stuck or turn a corner by making difficult decisions, I refused to give up I wanted to get back to basics to walk again to be functional again and play basketball was my ultimate goal" Perkins managed to leave the aftermath of the accident behind when a friend convinced her to try boxing after a stint in amateurism.

Perkins debuted in 2020 and retired with a 3-0 record and retired as the silver world champion.


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