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Davis v.s Thurman is a done deal.

A deal has been made for lightweight world WBA champion Geovanta "Tank" Davis to fight ex world champion Kieth "One Time" Thurman in a crazy catchweight fight on December 9th at the Team Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. I personally hate this fight for Davis because he is risking it all to fight a former champion that isnt a draw at all. Davis is risking his record and reputation for what? I respect Thurman and what he has done but he hasnt fought in a long time and isnt a draw, I really dont see a point at all. Here Davis would have a size, strength and weight disadvantage come fight day, unless the Davis team has a plan up their sleeve, Like the famous rehydration clauses made popular by the Mayweather team. If they do that cowardly act the fight would be even more unattractive for fans. Davis is a draw and can probably beat the best lightweights in the world, so why not fight Loma, Lopez or the Boogieman Stevenson to give fight fans a real show instead of giving fans a dull fight with a dehydrated Thurman.


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