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De La Hoya's Blunt Warning to Mayweather: 'F--- Off' Unless It's Boxing Advice for Ryan

Boxing sensation Ryan Garcia has shifted his focus from Devin Haney to Rolando "Rolly" Romero. Just weeks ago, Garcia was singing Haney's praises after his impressive victory over Regis Prograis, hailing him as the best fighter at 140 pounds and expressing a strong desire to face him in the ring.

Garcia's determination was evident as he contacted his promoter, Golden Boy Promotions CEO Oscar De La Hoya, to express his singular interest in a showdown with Haney. Despite the often complex nature of negotiations between top fighters, Garcia reassured fans that talks were progressing smoothly.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Garcia was seen jogging with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas. Following this encounter, Garcia's focus shifted abruptly from Haney to Romero, leaving De La Hoya puzzled but willing to support Garcia's new direction.

De La Hoya, while initially taken aback by Mayweather's involvement, has chosen not to take any legal action, instead opting to allow Mayweather to provide boxing advice to Garcia. However, he made it clear that if Mayweather's role extends beyond mentorship, he would not hesitate to part ways with the retired champion turned promoter.

Despite the sudden change in plans, Golden Boy Promotions remains committed to making Garcia's fight with Romero a marquee event, leveraging their successful partnership with the young boxing star to deliver another blockbuster showdown for fans.


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