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Deanna Bennett vs Alejandra Lara recap

The match between Bennett and Lara starts brilliantly and Lara (9-5 MMA, 3-4 BMA) comes in the opening round with kicks and punches, putting pressure on Bennett, who Maintained and did enough to defend it. Lara made good use of the distance and tagged Bennett until she slipped and fell, giving Bennett a chance to get backmounted. From there Bennett tried to submit but failed and landed a strong ground n pound sesh to finish.

Lara looked ready in the final round and was adding some good shots but Bennett was handling the exchange then at the end of the round Lara got a take down and controlled the fight until the final bell rang.

Bennett (11-7-1 MMA, 1-1 BMA) was awarded the judge's scorecard 30-27, 30-26 and 30-26 followed by his hometown. Her hometown and also her father's station. She dedicated the victory to her late father.

With the win, Bennett pulled off a three-fight losing streak, her first victory since signing for promotion in 2020. Who should she fight next? FIGHT.TV wants to know!


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