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Decoding the Upset: Strickland VS Adesanya

Strickland upsets Adesanya
Strickland upsets Adesanya

The Strickland Adesanya Upset is going down as one of the biggest in UFC History. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a sport known for its unpredictability, where underdogs can rise to the occasion and deliver shocking upsets. These upsets often leave fans and experts alike scratching their heads, wondering how the unexpected occurred. Read along with Fight.TV and dive into the factors that contribute to upsets in MMA. We analyze why the Strickland upset is all the rage per combat sports media today.

Styles Make Fights

One of the fundamental principles of MMA is that styles make fights. When two fighters with contrasting styles collide, it can create opportunities for upsets. For example a striker with excellent takedown defense facing a wrestler, may keep the fight standing and exploit the wrestler's weaknesses on the feet. This is how everyone expected Adesanya to handle the fight - "Stylebender" is known for his unpredictable and ruthless standup. Strickland dominated the fight, the same way everyone expected Stylebender to win the fight. Everyone placing bets was expecting Strickland to come out shooting for takedowns.

Mental Toughness and Preparation

Mental toughness is a crucial factor in MMA. Fighters who enter the cage with unwavering self-belief and a strong mental game can overcome physical disadvantages and score upsets. Additionally, the level of preparation plays a significant role. Fighters who have meticulously studied their opponents, identified weaknesses, and developed a game plan have a higher chance of causing upsets. Strickland is no stranger to toughness and preparation. He made that obvious from winning this title bout as a heavily showcased underdog.

Overconfidence and Complacency

Overconfidence is a common pitfall in MMA. When a fighter underestimates their opponent and fails to give their best effort, it can lead to shocking upsets. Complacency can also set in when a fighter has enjoyed a string of victories or holds a title, causing them to neglect their training and preparation. Adesanya is known to hold a grudge in his prior losses, with Dana White already talking of an immediate rematch - we get to see if Stylebender got too complacent training for their last fight as Sean Strickland was an underdog.

Upsets are an integral part of MMA's allure. They remind us that in this dynamic sport, anything can happen on any given night. The interplay of styles, mental fortitude, preparation, and in-competition variables all contribute to the potential for surprising outcomes. MMA is a sport where underdogs can become heroes, and champions can fall from grace, making it a captivating and thrilling spectacle for fans worldwide. When Strickland gave the UFC this upset that's being touted as one of the biggest in UFC history, he did it the best way possible. Unanimous decision, it doesn't get any harder to contest than that. Had Strickland knocked Izzy out, it would be "anybody goes down if they get hit on the button, Sean got lucky."

Strickland won that by fighting better for all 5 rounds. Give the man his recognition, we might not be dealing with an underdog here but a slept on champion in the making.


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