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Demetrious Johnson Advises Israel Adesanya: Develop Grappling Game to Beat Dricus du Plessis

Israel Adesanya faces off Dricus du Plessis
Israel Adesanya faces off against Dricus du Plessis

Former UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson has offered strategic advice to Israel Adesanya ahead of a potential showdown against Dricus du Plessis, emphasizing the need for Adesanya to enhance his clinch and grappling skills to secure victory in a rumored future showdown.

Johnson expressed concerns about the matchup, believing that Adesanya hasn't taken enough time to evolve his fighting style following Sean Strickland's upset win, which led to Adesanya's announced hiatus from the sport to recover from injuries and make lifestyle changes.

In Johnson's view, Adesanya's tendency to counterstrike may not be sufficient against du Plessis, who excels at maintaining the center of the cage and pressuring opponents without overextending. Johnson suggests that Adesanya should focus on developing his clinch game and wrestling abilities to effectively counter du Plessis's strategy.

Adesanya's grappling deficiencies have been criticized in the past, with detractors arguing that his reluctance to engage in grappling exchanges has led to lackluster performances. Johnson believes that enhancing these skills will not only improve Adesanya's chances against du Plessis but also strengthen his overall championship reign.

Johnson's advice underscores the importance of tactical evolution in MMA, emphasizing the necessity for fighters to continuously develop and refine their skill sets to adapt to different opponents and scenarios.

Adesanya is currently facing a pivotal moment in his career, with Johnson urging him to assess his readiness to implement strategic changes before committing to the matchup.


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