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Demetrious Johnson knocks out Adriano Moraes ; completes revenge

In the main event of ONE's broadcast premiere on Amazon Prime on Friday, the all-time great returned the favor 16 months after suffering the first knockout loss of his career by knocking out Adriano Moraes with a vicious two-shot combination. As a result of the official stoppage occurring at 3:50 in the fourth round, Johnson holds the distinction of being the first person to eliminate Moraes. The contest was a rematch from last April, when Moraes defeated Johnson to win the flyweight title by way of a knee to the head followed by a barrage of strikes that knocked Johnson out in the second round.

Johnson, who also won the ONE Flyweight Grand Prix in 2019, now holds the ONE Flyweight championship for the first time after the victory. Prior to his defeat against Henry Cejudo, Johnson held the UFC record for consecutive championship defenses with 11 wins. He was moved to ONE in 2018 and is currently 4-1 in Singapore.

Prior to his fight Demetrious also seeked help from his rival Henry Cejudo and trained in his gym for a week. Cejudo also called Demetrious after his fight to congratulate him on the victory. The king of cringe was happy to admit that Demetrious is one of the best ever to do it in the sport of MMA.

Johnson (31-4-1) entered his rematch with Moraes (20-4) with a strong start and pushed the tempo in an effort to make up for his evident size disadvantage against the 5-foot-8 Brazilian. Johnson is widely regarded as the finest flyweight to ever compete. Midway through the first round, he used an elbow from the bottom position to rip open a large cut above the former champion's left eye. Despite spending the majority of the first 10 minutes pinned underneath Moraes, "Mighty Mouse" remained aggressive and gained momentum in Round 3 with quick footwork and a steady diet of digging hooks that depleted Moraes' energy.

The ending move was stunning once the fourth round began. With a lightning-fast counter right hand and a picture-perfect knee to the head as Moraes bounced against the fence, the 36-year-old great put a stop to Moraes' night once and for all.

Johnson presently has a 31-4-1 career record overall. How long this reign actually lasts will be seen.

He demonstrated that he still possesses the talent and drive to hold his position at the top at the age of 36. After the bout, the Kentucky fighter said, "I genuinely believe that I'm still improving at 36." He is correct, according to the evidence of this fight.

Johnson is still a major draw, one of the One Championship's marquee athletes, and he has complete control over the outcome of his upcoming match. With each boxer having one victory, Johnson vs. Moraes appears poised for a third decisive round.

Johnson, one of the all-time great flyweights, will make the choice.

The fans will be interested in watching whoever his next opponent is, especially now that One has a TV agreement with Amazon Prime.

For a big star, a large stage.


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