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Demetrious Johnson's next fight could be the last of his career

Demetrious Johnson is aware that his MMA career is winding down.

The former UFC flyweight champion acknowledges he is nearing the end of his professional career as he gets ready for a trilogy fight versus Adriano Moraes in the first-ever U.S. ONE Championship fight.

It's not that his health has declined or that he believes he can no longer compete against the finest fighters in the world. Johnson claimed that the key is just realising when to declare it a career.

“It’s definitely possible [this is my last fight],” Johnson said Wednesday on The MMA Hour. “Being 36, I sit down with the wife and kids, even my close friends, my inner circle who they don’t watch mixed martial arts, they don’t train, they all have normal citizen jobs you could say, and sometimes I sit there and think, how much more do I need to do? How much more do I want to do?

“I’ve stated in a couple of interviews, I want to compete in Brazilian jiu-jitsu in IBJJF, because my kids are doing it, too. There comes a point where it’s like how much more do I need to do?”

Johnson has made significant career advancements and has enjoyed financial success. However, he gained motivation from seeing some of his closest fighting friends achieve success outside of the ring. He enjoys the concept of relying on anything other than MMA to make a living and has already established a successful YouTube channel through his love of gaming.

He claimed that the only scenario in which he would likely return to the ring would be a payoff so absurd that he would be unable to refuse it.

“For me, I’ve been grinding so I think if I do step away, I don’t see myself coming back unless something just falls in my lap like I’ve got to go back and do it,” Johnson said. “We’ll see.

Even if Johnson decides to hang up his gloves after his third bout against Moraes, don't anticipate him to do it in the ring and announce his decision aloud. It's likely that he will first discuss retirement with his wife before telling the rest of the world.

“I think for me to share that moment with the world instead of her, would be [a disservice] to what she’s committed to me in my career,” Johnson said.


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