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Deontay Wilder breaks down in tears following viscous KO victory over Robert Helenius.

Deontay Wilder, who defeated Robert Helenius in the first round in New York on Saturday, cried during the post-fight press conference.

The 36-year-old feels he has the ability to dominate the sport after winning decisively in his first fight since Tyson Fury twice stopped him, the latest time in the 11th round last October.

Although Wilder and Helenius were friends and had sparred together in the past, the American appeared to be affected by the nature of his triumph as he talked about the risks associated with boxing.

Prichard Colon, who is currently being cared for by his family after sustaining a life-altering brain injury as a result of a fight in 2015, was the subject of an emotional speech by Wilder.

"Look at (Prichard) Colon. Prichard Colon. This man, not gonna have no kids (starts to cry). They don't understand, they don't **** understand what we go through man. And I don't even know him like that. But I'll always be an advocate for us because I think it's a great honour. This man will never know what it feels like to be somebody's father. But he may never be somebody's father man. This man will never have a natural child. Or the ability to live again because he got in the ring to support his family."

Wilder went on to add: 'I could say so much about it [knocking Helenius out], man. That's why you can't play this, this is serious. We don't know if Robert is going to be the same after this. I just did a job.

'I'm great at what I do but I don't mean to take people away from the lifestyle they're living. I'm just trying to support my family as well.'

Colon was an impressive super welterweight boxer who had won his opening 16 professional fights.

However, he sustained a life altering injury during his bout against Terrel Williams on the undercard of the Lamont Peterson and Feliz Diaz fight in 2015.

Colon was knocked down for the first time in his professional career during the fight and complained of feeling dizzy throughout.

However, he continued to fight until being disqualified when his corner wrongfully removed his gloves.

Shortly after his fight with Williams, Colon complained of dizziness and began vomiting in his dressing room, according to multiple reports.

Colon was immediately put under the care of emergency medical technicians and rushed to hospital.

Colon was subsequently diagnosed with brain bleeding and was then put into a coma for 221 days.

Unfortunately, the 30-year-old boxer has remained in a vegetative state since April 2017.

Thankfully, Helenius took to Instagram shortly after his fight with Wilder to tell fans he was 'all good' after going to the hospital for a check up.

The 38-year-old Finnish boxer shared a picture of himself with sitting on a hospital bed with his fist up.

He wrote an accompanying caption which read: 'A big thanks for all the love and support.

I'm all good after a check up at the hospital. Stay humble in both victory or defeat'.


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