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Deontay Wilder calls Fury a 'cheater' once again

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury, two heavyweights, watched the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury match last month in Saudi Arabia from the stands.

The two adversaries eventually gathered and seemed to make small talk with one another during the occasion.

In their three-part series, Wilder had repeatedly called Fury a "cheater." Following their second match in 2020, Wilder alleged, among other things, that Fury filled his gloves.

Fury has strongly denied Wilder's claims.

Despite what might have seemed to be a cordial meeting, Wilder makes it obvious that he still feels unfavorably towards Fury and still thinks the British fighter is a "cheater."

"I know a lot of people seen me with Fury. There's a place and a time for all things. Of course... I can't stand that motherf------, they know what's up. He's a cheater, I know a lot of things," Wilder told ES News.

"A lot of top people know a lot of things, so they can't be fooled bro. This is a peaceful ground. It's like 'I don't like you, but I can come and let you know I see you see. We can co-exist with each other, you stay over there and I'll stay over here, that's it.'

In their 2018 clash, they battled to a contentious twelve-round split draw. In the seventh round of the rematch, Fury would knock out Wilder. In the greatest fight of the trilogy, which took place in 2021, both fighters were knocked down before Fury defeated Wilder in the final round.

The final eliminator between Wilder and Andy Ruiz was mandated by the World Boxing Council. The WBC world championship of Tyson Fury would be up for grabs for the victor. There is currently no information on whether Wilder will continue working on a fight with with Ruiz or take a different path.


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