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Deontay Wilder Shows Respect to Anthony Joshua at Press Conference

Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua are two of the biggest names in heavyweight boxing. They have been rivals for a long time, but they have never faced each other in the ring. Many fans and experts have been eagerly waiting for them to fight each other and settle the debate on who is the best heavyweight in the world. However, they will have to wait a little longer, as both fighters have different opponents lined up for December 23rd. Wilder will take on Joseph Parker, while Joshua will face Otto Wallin, who is on a six-fight winning streak.

The two fighters met at a press conference this week, where they exchanged some words. However, instead of trash-talking or taunting each other, they showed respect and admiration for each other. Wilder, who is also known as “The Bronze Bomber”, said that he was happy to see Joshua face to face and that he wished him nothing but the best. He also said that he hoped that they could fight each other soon and give the fans what they want. He said that he believed that the fight would happen and that it was about time. He said that even if it did not happen, he still wished him nothing but the best.

This was a different tone from Wilder, who has been known for his fiery and aggressive personality. He seemed to be more calm and mature, and perhaps more confident in his abilities. He also seemed to acknowledge Joshua’s skills and achievements, and to respect him as a fellow fighter. This could be a sign that both fighters are ready to make the fight happen, and that they are focused on their upcoming bouts.


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