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Deontay Wilder thinks Jake Paul won the fight against Tommy Fury

Deontay Wilder, a former heavyweight champion, believes Jake Paul should have been declared the victor over Tommy Fury in their Sunday grudge fight in Saudi Arabia.

Fury prevailed via divided decision, with the scores reading 76-73, 76-73, and 74-75 in his favor. However, the fight proved to be more difficult than Fury had anticipated, as he was knocked to the ground and docked points for holding.

Paul also lost a point for hitting Fury in the back of the head in the fifth round, even though the former Love Island star was already up 3-1. Referee Hector Afu labeled Paul's action "immature."

'I think Jake got that one,' the boxer told Fight Hub TV after the match. 'It was an immature point. The referee is supposed to give him at least three warnings. He gave him no warnings.'

When asked if Paul should have won, Wilder replied: 'I think so. With the knockdown, he sealed it. He got that point taken away. I think Jake Paul needed that knockdown, and when he did, it evened it out. I think he only gave it to Fury because of the point taken.'

Replays showed Paul hitting a flush jab at the same time Fury lost his balance during the fight, contrary to Fury's claim that he had simply slipped when knocked down.

Following the fight, many fans expressed their agreement with Wilder's assessment on Twitter, with some saying the match had been 'rigged' in Fury's favor. In addition, it was called "daylight robbery" because supporters wanted Paul to "smoke him in the rematch."

Others agreed that the knockdown may have been a "slip" and thought the British fighter was "in control the entire time," and they thought Fury was a worthy victor.

Both fighters were ready to set their differences aside after the fight and the two years of verbal sparring in order to respect their opponent. The American has promised he would be back for a rematch after blaming the loss on 'illness' and an 'arm injury', with Fury telling him to 'bring it on'.


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