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Deontay Wilder to make a decision about his next fight in coming weeks

Deontay Wilder defeated Robert Helenius in one round at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn in October of last year, but hasn't competed since.

The possibility of Wilder facing former two-time champion Anthony Joshua on a date in December in Saudi Arabia has been discussed for a number of weeks.

Additionally, Wilder and Andy Ruiz have been mentioned in connection with a WBC-ordered final eliminator, in which the victor is required to meet Tyson Fury.

Wilder's head coach Malik Scott suggests that his athlete won't procrastinate on deciding on his next matchup for very long.

Before the month of July, Scott says, a decision will be made regarding whether Wilder will fight in the near future or wait until December to face Joshua.

"There’s no telling if Deontay will fight between now and December. Absolutely I would like to fight between now and December. That's no secret at all. Andy Ruiz is right there in the mix. Anything can happen. We’re one move away from making very crucial decisions for the better of Deontay’s career," Scott said to Betway.

"For Deontay not to fight between now and December, the compensation that Deontay would need to receive would have to be extremely high because once again he's a businessman, he doesn't sit around and wait. So, if he considers sitting around and waiting, then he will have to be compensated, and he will have to be compensated very, very well, because that means he's putting a lot of opportunities on hold, putting his legacy on hold, and to do that you have to compensate a man like Deontay.

"The Saudis understand that type of business, so that wouldn't even be an issue. That's something that they know. If we want them to wait then we have to do this. These guys are real businessmen. They know what they want for the country. They know what they want to do and how they want to do it. We won’t be waiting until the end of summer to get this signed. I promise you that. We will definitely know before July."


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