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Derek Brunson, Gegard Mousasi Clash Online Over PFL Fight

Derek Brunson and Gegard Mousasi have sparked a heated exchange on social media regarding a potential matchup in the Professional Fighters League (PFL). The discussion comes amid the backdrop of PFL's acquisition of Bellator, raising questions about the future of both promotions and the possibility of cross-promotional fights.

Both Brunson and Mousasi, seasoned veterans with extensive experience in UFC, Bellator, and PFL, have been at the center of speculation regarding potential matchups in 2024. However, their recent online exchange suggests a clash of opinions regarding a potential fight between them.

Mousasi took to social media to express his frustration, claiming that PFL was eager to book a fight between him and Brunson, but Brunson had refused the matchup multiple times. He expressed disappointment on behalf of the fans and called on PFL to find him another middleweight opponent.

In response, Brunson dismissed Mousasi's claims, stating that he was currently focused on spending time with his family during the holidays and was not avoiding the fight. He emphasized the need for a proper training camp and expressed readiness to face Mousasi under the right circumstances.

Mousasi continued the exchange, questioning Brunson's dedication to the fight and suggesting that he had ample time to prepare even during the holiday season. He also made a playful jab at Brunson's weight class, hinting at a potential matchup between them in the near future.

The public exchange between Brunson and Mousasi has added fuel to the speculation surrounding potential matchups in PFL's future events. As fans await further developments, the discussion underscores the anticipation and excitement surrounding the potential for high-profile fights between top-tier fighters from both PFL and Bellator.

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