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Derek Chisora calls for WBC champions to give up belts if Jake Paul is given a ranking position

Derek Chisora, a former WBC heavyweight title challenger, has spoken out against the WBC’s decision to offer YouTube star Jake Paul a place in their cruiserweight rankings. In an interview with The Mail, Chisora suggested that if Paul were to be given a ranking position, all current WBC champions should vacate their belts and join a different federation.

Paul is set to take on Tommy Fury, brother of heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, in a highly anticipated fight in Saudi Arabia on Sunday. The victor of the bout is expected to be awarded a place in the top 40 of the WBC’s cruiserweight rankings.

Chisora, who is helping to promote the event, has spoken out against the WBC’s decision, calling it unfair to other fighters who have been working hard to earn their ranking positions. He argued that Paul, who has only faced non-boxing opponents in the ring, has not earned the right to be ranked among professional boxers.

Chisora’s comments are likely to spark a debate among boxing fans and professionals about the value of belts and rankings in the sport. While belts are seen as a symbol of a fighter’s achievement and status in the sport, some argue that they have become too commercialized and that rankings are often arbitrary and based on politics rather than merit.

Chisora also questioned the importance of belts in boxing, saying that they do not pay the bills for most fighters. He quoted former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, who famously dismissed the importance of belts in the sport.

The upcoming fight between Paul and Fury has generated a lot of hype, with many fans eager to see whether Paul can prove himself against a professional boxer. However, Chisora’s comments suggest that not everyone in the boxing world is convinced of Paul’s legitimacy as a professional fighter.

Regardless of the outcome of the fight, Chisora’s comments are a reminder that the world of boxing is not just about belts and rankings, but also about hard work, dedication, and respect for the sport. While Paul may be a popular figure among younger audiences, it remains to be seen whether he can earn the respect of the boxing community as a whole.


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