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Devin Haney Fires Shots at Prograis' Chin in Fiery Face Off

Devin Haney has thrown down the gauntlet, questioning Regis Prograis' chin and predicting a knockout victory for himself.

During the promotional "Face Off" segment produced by DAZN, Haney revisited Prograis' previous bout against Danielito Zorrilla, a fight Prograis won by split decision on June 17 at Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. Haney pointed out a specific moment in the first round where Zorrilla's right hand appeared to knock Prograis off balance, leading to an entangled fall to the canvas. Despite referee Ray Corona ruling it as a push and not a knockdown, Haney believes it exposed vulnerability in Prograis, whose chin has long been considered one of his strengths.

"You got dropped your last fight! You got dropped your last fight! You got dropped your last fight against a bum, a [fighter] nobody never heard of. So, you don’t got no chin! How about that?" Haney exclaimed, challenging Prograis.

Prograis, with a record of 29-1 and 24 KOs, defended his chin, asserting that he wasn't hurt in the Zorrilla incident. He explained it as a simple trip over his own feet and dismissed any suggestion of vulnerability.

"I fell over my feet. I tripped up. Come on, be real, bro. Be real. I tripped over my feet. Come on, bro. You think that sh*t hurt, bro? Come on. Really?" Prograis responded.

The banter continued with Haney, undefeated with a record of 30-0 and 15 KOs, questioning Prograis' power and predicting a knockout victory.

"I’m gonna knock you out. You gonna be the first somebody I ever knocked out," Haney confidently declared.

As the verbal sparring intensified, Prograis defended his punch resistance, emphasizing that he wasn't fazed by Zorrilla's earlier blow and even challenged Haney's own knockout record.


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