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Devin Haney's Boxing Wisdom: MMA Fighters Entering the Ring Face a Different Beast

In the ever-evolving world of combat sports, the crossover between MMA and boxing has become an intriguing phenomenon. The allure of watching MMA fighters stepping into the squared circle has certainly added a new layer of excitement to the fight world.

However, Devin Haney, boxing's undisputed lightweight champion, offers a stark reality check for those who dream of challenging the boxing elite at their own game. Haney, known for his boxing prowess, recently shared his thoughts on the MMA fighters' foray into the boxing ring. During an appearance on The MMA Hour, he chuckled as he commented,

"I mean, obviously [I laugh when I hear it], because it's totally different. Whenever the MMA guys come over to boxing, it's not good for them, and it's never going to be good for them."

He emphasized that the two sports are inherently distinct, and what works inside the octagon doesn't necessarily translate to the boxing ring. Haney is respectful of MMA fighters' skills in their domain, acknowledging that he couldn't compete in their world. Still, when it comes to the art of boxing, he firmly believes they can't measure up to his level of expertise.

As the MMA world keeps producing intriguing crossover challenges, the spotlight now shifts to former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, who is set to make his professional boxing debut against the formidable WBC heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on October 28. While Ngannou is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, Haney doesn't give him much of a chance to upset the boxing world.

Haney commented, "Of course not, you've always got a puncher's chance. But it's very slim."

Furthermore, Haney recently exchanged words with UFC bantamweight champion Sean O'Malley, who expressed interest in a potential boxing match against Haney. However, Haney was quick to warn O'Malley that stepping into the boxing ring with him wouldn't be a competitive endeavor. He acknowledged O'Malley's prowess in the cage but stressed that the boxing ring offers a unique challenge that is worlds apart from the MMA world.

In the end, Haney's insights offer a reminder that while the crossover between MMA and boxing continues to captivate the combat sports landscape, each discipline presents its own set of challenges and requires a unique skill set.


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