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Devin Haney's Statement Victory: Seizing the WBC Title and Stepping into the 140-Pound Realm

In a compelling showdown at the Chase Center in San Francisco, Devin Haney delivered a masterful performance, claiming the WBC championship belt in the junior welterweight division with a commanding unanimous decision win over Regis Prograis.

In a clash that epitomized the clash of styles, Haney's calculated control clashed with Prograis' renowned power. Despite Prograis' early attempts to unleash his potent strikes, Haney's ring generalship and precision ultimately dictated the rhythm of the bout.

The third round saw Haney's power manifest as a crisp straight right sent Prograis to the canvas, signaling Haney's seamless transition to the 140-pound category with newfound authority and force.

However, it wasn't merely the display of power that defined Haney's triumph. A glaring disparity in speed saw Haney consistently fire off combinations, evading Prograis' counters with swift agility, establishing a dominance that persisted throughout the fight.

In the sixth round, another thunderous right hand from Haney rattled Prograis, nearly sending him to the canvas again. Haney's relentless pressure left Prograis struggling to find any foothold in the fight.

Haney's remarkable performance not only secured the WBC title but also raised speculation regarding his future ascent to the welterweight division, as pundits pondered how long before he would leap.

As the final rounds unfolded, Haney's dominance persisted, although Prograis managed to withstand the onslaught. Despite the absence of a finish, Haney's comprehensive display solidified his status as a daunting force in the junior welterweight realm.

This victory marks Haney's entry into the 140-pound category following a remarkable tenure as the undisputed lightweight champion, culminating in a unanimous decision win over Vasiliy Lomachenko.

Eager for fresh challenges, Haney articulated his intent to conquer the 140-pound division, setting his sights on potential blockbuster matchups. Among them, a bout against Teofimo Lopez Jr. looms large, with the two pugilists engaging in verbal jousting and their convergence in the same weight class fostering prospects of an enthralling showdown.

Lopez, the reigning WBO champion, recently hinted at a matchup with IBF champion Subriel Matias, further fueling anticipation for potential clashes in the division. Haney's quest to claim the mantle in the 140-pound division promises an enticing array of matchups, poised to elevate his standing and propel his ascent up the pound-for-pound rankings.


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