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Did Connor McGregor turned down a super fight ?

UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal alleges that Conor McGregor has "shot down" a massive superfight with him ahead of the Irishman's comeback to MMA.

Following his second defeat to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in 2021, McGregor sustained a bad ankle injury that forced him to miss nearly two years of action. With only two victories in his last five UFC fights, the Dubliner has been somewhat dormant recently. However, McGregor has guaranteed an amazing comeback in 2023 now that he is fully recovered and prepared to fight.

Former welterweight title challenger Masvidal was one of many UFC fighters to stake a claim as to why they should be the ones to welcome the 34-year-old back to the cage.

Masvidal asserted on The MMA Hour on Monday that McGregor has declined to fight him and is perplexed as to why given the prominence and audience the match-up would generate.

“I want Conor, but Conor doesn’t want me, it sucks,” he said.
“He just doesn’t want it. Every time the UFC’s brought it up, he shoots it down. I don’t know why. I think I’m bigger. I think I’m quicker than him, and we both know I hit harder than him.”

McGregor would make his comeback at some point in 2023, according to Dana White. However, as of right now, the UFC president has neither named an opponent nor a date in mind.

White told The Daily Mirror in an interview that the star had recently finished filming a movie and had been sharing videos of himself working out.


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