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Diego Sanchez wants to fight Nick and Nate Diaz in BKFC

After having secured his promotional debut versus former professional boxer, Austin Trout, UFC lightweight and welterweight veteran Diego Sanchez have appealed for both Nick Diaz and Nate Diaz to go to bare-knuckle combat under the regulations of Bare-Knuckle Fighting Championship.

In September 2020, Sanchez made his most recent appearance in a Dana White-led promotion, losing to Jake Matthews by a unanimous decision. Following his dismissal from UFC, Sanchez, a former lightweight championship contender and winner of The Ultimate Fighter, returned to professional mixed martial arts but lost to another UFC alumni Kevin Lee by decision at Eagle FC 45 in March.

Earlier, Sanchez is slated to make his promotional debut for the BKFC promotion against former WBC lightweight champion Trout in a fight that has been lambasted for its pairing. Sanchez stated during the buildup to his BKFC encounter with Trout that he would like to face perhaps Nate or Nick Diaz next and urged the Stockton heroes to move to bare-knuckle combat.

“After this fight [with Austin Trout], I would love the Nate Diaz or Nick Diaz fight,” Diego Sanchez told The Underground reporter, John Morgan. “That would be the ultimate. The ultimate big money fight for me and the Diaz army.”

“All the gangster sh*t, the real gangsters take the gloves off, homie,” Diego Sanchez explained. “You know, there ain’t no gloves in the street, Nick and Nate. I know you wanna make your money, so it’s all good, I ain’t gonna get disrespectful or anything. I know they’re just making money, like all of us, as warriors in this sport.”

The Diaz brothers are no newbies for Sanchez, who emerged victorious against Nick Diaz at The Ultimate Fighter 2 Finale by unanimous decision after a very thrilling and back-and-forth contest.

Though younger brother Nate is presently considering his alternatives as a free agent, it is speculated that Nick Diaz could make a UFC return in the upcoming year. Even though the bare-knuckle fight promotion is actively targeting Nate Diaz, neither star is anticipated to sign for BKFC.


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