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Dillian Whyte not impressed by Jarrell Miller's comeback: "Miller is so so so s***"

Jarrell Miller’s Career Hinges on Comeback as Critics Pounce

Jarrell Miller, a Brooklyn-based heavyweight contender, has been on a tumultuous journey in the boxing world. He was once on the cusp of achieving worldwide fame and fulfilling a long-standing dream of becoming a world champion. However, a series of failed drug tests derailed his career, and he was handed a two-year ban from the sport.

After serving his suspension, Miller has been on a comeback trail, picking up three consecutive victories. However, his latest win against former titleholder Lucas Browne was met with criticism, particularly from Dillian Whyte, who called him “so so so so shit” on his social media account.

Whyte is also hoping to position himself for a showdown against one of the heavyweight division’s elite. He eked out a controversial majority decision win against Jermaine Franklin in his last fight and is rumored to be eyeing a rematch with former Olympic gold medalist Anthony Joshua.

Miller, on the other hand, continues to work on his comeback, hoping to shed the criticism and regain the respect of the boxing community. His initial shot at worldwide fame, a match against Joshua, slipped through his fingers due to his failed drug tests. However, he remains determined to achieve his dream of becoming a world champion.

The road to redemption for Miller is a long and challenging one. He will need to prove himself against tougher opponents and silence his critics to regain his position as a heavyweight contender. However, with his skills and determination, Miller could still make a name for himself in the boxing world and achieve his dream of becoming a world champion. Only time will tell if he will succeed or fall short once again.


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