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Dillon Danis challenges Jake Paul to an MMA fight at PFL

Dillon Danis and the Paul brothers have a long-standing feud. Dillon Danis recently lost a boxing match to Logan Paul in Manchester, UK, on October 14. Now, he wants to face Logan’s brother, Jake Paul, in an MMA fight.

Jake Paul is also a boxer who beat UFC star Nate Diaz in his last fight. He plans to return to the ring on December 15. However, Dillon Danis wants him to switch to MMA and fight him at PFL.

Dillon Danis claims that PFL has bought Bellator, where he used to fight. He says he will stay with PFL only if they give him a fight with Jake Paul. Otherwise, he will go to the UFC.

Dillon Danis tweeted, “PFL has acquired Bellator. The only way I’ll stay is if they book me against Jake Paul; otherwise, I’m heading to the UFC.”


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