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Dillon Danis Eyes UFC Move After Logan Paul Fight

Dillon Danis, the controversial MMA fighter and jiu-jitsu ace, has expressed his desire to join the UFC if he can defeat Logan Paul in their upcoming boxing match. Danis, who turned 30 recently, said he wants to challenge himself against the best fighters in the world, and named several UFC welterweights as his potential opponents.

“I’m willing to go and go out there and see if what I’m saying is true,” he said. “If I go to the UFC, give me your toughest fight. Give me Ian Garry, give me Neil Magny. Anybody. Leon Edwards. That would be the easiest fight. Colby [Covington], anybody.”

Danis spoke to The MMA Hour on Monday and said he is confident he can beat Paul, who is much bigger than him. The fight is scheduled for six rounds and has a 195-pound limit. Danis said he expects Paul to quit or get knocked out or choked out by him.

However, Danis faces some hurdles in his UFC dream, such as his contract with Bellator, which he signed six years ago. Danis said he had to pay Bellator $100,000 to fight Paul outside of his deal, but Bellator has not confirmed this. Danis also said Bellator might be sold to another promotion soon, which could affect his future. He said he might join Misfits Boxing, a new promotion led by KSI and Mams Taylor, who are also fighting on the same card as him and Paul.

Danis has not fought in MMA since 2019, when he submitted Max Humphrey at Bellator 222. He underwent two knee surgeries since then, but said his knees are good enough for the Paul fight. He also hinted at a possible fight with Jake Paul, Logan’s younger brother and rival, who is also a boxer and a former Disney star.


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