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Dillon Danis reportedly pulls out of upcoming KSI clash

The comeback of Dillon Danis to combat sports will remain stalled. The forthcoming boxing match between Dillon Danis and KSI has been postponed.

The Bellator middleweight has withdrawn from the match and will no longer face the YouTuber, according to MMA analyst Ariel Helwani's tweet. The fight was supposed to take place at London's Wembley Arena on January 14.

Helwani tweeted that his prediction of Danis' pullout from the match on The MMA Hour late last year didn't upset anybody. He said he believed the duel was not going to materialize.

His return to Bellator has been questioned many times but has turned down every offer from the promotion just for the KSI fight. Bellator President Scott Coker has made it clear that they will arrange a fight for El Jefe if he is serious about his comeback although the negotiation has not been easy between both parties.

The manager of KSI, Mams Taylor, discussed the information with DAZN. He disclosed that he was contacted informing him that "El Jefe" would not be competing because he was "underprepared," noting that this is not ideal for the Bellator fighter's credibility.

“I got a phone call saying Dillon is pulling out of the fight,” Taylor said in a video statement. “The real reason, from what they said to me, is that he’s underprepared, he has no coach, he might be struggling with weight even though there’s no rehydration. He has not been able to find a team that’s going to support him to bring him into the fight and obviously he’s got some other issues, I think.’’

“It’s very sad and unfortunate because he didn’t reciprocate the respect that we’ve given him. He’s clearly embarrassed that he’s in this position and - look, who knows what he’s going to come out with and say, but I’m disappointed because I never thought that someone who cares about his reputation as much as he does or what people think of him, I didn’t think that this would be something despite many people saying the opposite, that he’s not going to show up to the fight. They were right.”

The information was released just days after Danis, who snubbed a pre-fight press conference last month, claimed in an appearance with Chael Sonnen that he was being unfairly treated as a result of sneaky strategies.

KSI’s manager Taylor claimed that his absence from the press conference was one of the clues that Danis won’t be stepping in against KSI. And for being on the safe side, they have already taken the measure. The world-famous FaZe gaming clan's FaZe Temperrr will now face the YouTube celebrity, according to the Misfits Boxing promotion.

Danis hasn't competed since defeating Max Humphrey by first-round submission at Bellator 222 in June 2019 to get to 2-0 in mixed martial arts. He is still under contract with Bellator but his return is still remains uncertain.


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