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Do you know which former UFC title challengers, fan favorites and many more hung up gloves in 2021?

MMA is a great name in martial arts. But let's add new fighters one day. While MM is adding new fighters, some fighters are also leaving MMA. Some fighters come here just to make money and some just to fight. But some fighters don't move much here. 2021 has seen a significant increase in the number of fighters announcing that they have done their job and now want to leave the game, and we have a list of those who chose to leave this past year. ۔ 1- Nick Lentz (January 24) Nick Lentz has competed in 21 UFC shows before retiring from the MMA, his last fight after losing in UFC 257 in January. Nick Lentz (30-12-2) announced his retirement. Nick Lentz said after his last defeat, "You don't want anyone to make a hasty decision after your loss, but neither do I."The main reason for my retirement was an eye injury last year that caused me to lose some of my sights. The only reason I came back was to see what another tough fight with new eyes was like. It was clear to me last night that it was impossible for me to compete further at this level. Lentz, 37, retired after his last fight and is now the head coach and corner man at the MMA in Florida. 2-James Wick (February 2) James Wick (13-6), a former UFC lightweight man who had already left the UFC and joined the MMMA. But he also announced his retirement from MMA after suffering a knockout defeat in his first fight. "They've been the worst-hit ever," Vic (13-6) said. "The truth is, I haven't felt the urge to fight for a long time. And I'm very sorry for every friend who helped me last year and who believed in it. Vic, 34, has fought 14 times under the UFC banner since his debut in August 2013. And coming out of the promotion came her four-fight fights against skid Nico Price, Dan Hooker, Paul Fielder, and Justin Gathaga. 3-Stephen Straw (February 15) Dutch heavyweight Stephen Straw (29-13) retired from the competition for the second time due to medical issues that were affecting his career. Explaining his retirement, Stephen Straw said: "The main reason I retire is because of my medical problems, which include ear problems, dizziness, palpitations, and tinnitus, and I think now is the time to retire. Has arrived. " Straw, 33, fought 24 fights for his debut in February 2009 under the UFC banner. In the meantime, it has picked up the third-highest number of finishes (11) and the second-highest number of submissions (six) in the history of UFC heavyweights. 4-Paul Kelly (February 15) Welterweight Paul Kelly (15-5) effectively retired from the MMA. Paul Kelly was kept out of the fight from 2013-2020 when he was jailed for drug trafficking. But he came back in 2020 and fought and won under the MMA banner. But almost a year after his victory, Kelly officially retired. "My purpose in life has changed, and now my goal is to make sure my family has a bright future," Kelly said of her retirement. 5-Aaron Chalmers (February 18) Belter welterweight Aaron Chalmers (5-2), a former reality TV star turned fighter, made his way away from MMA to focus on other life goals. "I've left the MMA behind," Chalmers said. "I'm in a new gym training towards a new career and it was literally a game-changer. It's true that you become what you surround yourself with and I can't be happier than that. ۔ Chalmers, 34, took a 2-2 lead under the Baleter banner in his time. 6-Leonard Garcia (March 20) Longtime MMA specialist doctor and fan-favorite Leonard Garcia (18-13-1) finally halted his 22-year martial arts career, citing the completion of his achievements. "I got everything I wanted in my career," said Garcia. "But now it's time for me to retire. But before I go, I want to tell everyone that I'm still a legend. Someone happy." Don't get me wrong. " Although Garcia, 42, has not fought in the MMA since 2014, the nine-fight UFC veteran and four-time "Fight of the Night" winner competed under the BKFC banner before finally taking command of his career. He was a professional for more than 10 years before he decided to change his route away from the fighting game immediately after joining the UFC. Also included 7- Jimmy Flick (April 11) 8- Alan Jouban (May 10) 9- Paul Felder (May 22) 10- Mirsad Bektic (July 13) 11- Marion Reneau (July 18) 12- Artem Lobov (July 30) 13- Ronaldo Souza (August 10) 14- Joseph Benavidez (September 15) 15- Carlos Condit (September 16) 16- Luke Sanders (September 16) 17- Matt Bessette (September 17) 18- Bethe Correia (October 2) 19- Javier Torres (October 16) 20- Gian Villante (November 6) 21- Paul Redmond (November 15) 22- Teemu Packalen (November 15) 23- Felicia Spencer (December 2) 24- Claudia Gadelha (December 17) 25- Michel Prazeres (December 23)


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