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Don't Try To Steal Cars From UFC Fighters

Ever thought about stealing a car? That's not smart. Ever thought about stealing a car that belongs to a professional fighter? That's probably the least smart thing you could ever do. Well it so turns out, people as smart as this actually exist! Turns out just yes. Someone tried to steal Jordan Williams, a UFC Welterweight fighters car yesterday.

You can go see the video from the incident on his Instagram account - bomayemma

Where this wanna be car thief lurks outside the store watching Jordan go inside. He then rushes inside the car and tries to leave, but doesn't get very far before he's yanked from the vehicle. To then run off with his tail between his legs

Believe it or not, this isn't the first case of a UFC fighter having someone trying to Grand Theft Auto them. Derrick Lewis was also almost a car thief victim. What almost was a video game like car robbery turned into an MMA fight in Derrick Lewis's thief's case. The guy was rag doll ripped right out of the car (he didn't know how to drive stick) and was rightfully knocked the **** out.

You can watch a video of Derrick giving one of his famous post fight interviews after the attempted car theft. He's a little more serious than he is in his usual post fight interviews, but it's a great one to watch none the less.

What do you think of these car thieves? How dumb can you be to try to steal a car, let alone a car owned by Derrick Lewis. Don't go around stealing cars. Especially nice ones, it might belong to Mike Tyson Or Floyd Mayweather.


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