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Dos Anjos out of UFC 267

UFC 267, which takes place on October 30th in Abu Dhabi, is a major battle in which Dos Anjos vs Makhachev was set up. However, Dos Anjos has been knocked out of UFC 267. Dos Anjos admitted to his knee surgery a few weeks ago but intended to go through with the fight. He talked to Sherdog about his injury and how he was recovering.

"I'm already walking without crutches, I need to make a fuss in 10 days. I'm a fighter. I've always wanted to fight. We've already told the UFC what happened. By the way, the UFC was very good at paying all my surgery costs. But obviously, I can't decide alone. I have to hear from my trainer, my doctor and physiotherapist. We have to make the final decision in a week."

This is the third time this fight has been scheduled. The first came back in October last year but was forced reschedule due to Dos Anjos contracting Covid19, the competition was rescheduled for November but then an illness kept Makhachev out.

Now with the recent cancellation, the UFC must move forward with various options. Makhachev must be able to stay on the card in Abu Dhabi and find a new opponent. Like Peter Yan, who lost his opponent in the main event, the UFC should try to keep the card as good as possible.

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