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Drake Wagers Big on Jon Jones for UFC 285 Showdown Against Ciryl Gane

In the world of professional fighting, anything can happen. The thrill of watching two skilled athletes battle it out in the octagon is unlike anything else. This year, UFC 285 promises to be no exception, with a highly anticipated matchup between Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Music mogul Drake has just thrown down a massive wager on the outcome of the fight, betting $500,000 on Jones to take home the win. This is a bold move for the Grammy-winning artist.

But the main question is, the curse will continue or not? Drake, the popular musician known for placing enormous bets on bouts but not always coming out on top, added a more sizable stake to support Jones in his forthcoming bout against Ciryl Gane on Saturday.

On Saturday, Drake shared two betting on his Instagram page, suggesting that he had wagered $500,000 on a Jones victory, with $250,000 going towards a possible submission and the remaining $250,000 going towards a knockout.

Regarding Drake's betting history, he has consistently struggled to predict MMA fights, and that's why the label "curse" has persisted with him.

Drake notoriously wagered a staggering $2 million on Israel Adesanya to defeat Alex Pereira, but "The Last Stylebender" was finally defeated by knockout in the last and fifth rounds. Also, he has lost wagers on Jose Aldo, Justin Gaethje, and Jorge Masvidal in the past.

Drake hasn't entirely fallen short over the years, winning with Adesanya previously when he participated at UFC 276 and placing a sizable parlay on Paddy Pimblett and Molly McCann before their battles at UFC London. But his losses undoubtedly receive more attention than his wins.

At UFC 285, Jones is attempting to make a comeback after a three-year hiatus and also attempt to claim the title of heavyweight champion after the longest reign in UFC history by retaining the light heavyweight belt. It was still uncertain as to whether Drake's wager will be successful or not.

So, what makes Drake so confident in Jones' ability to come out on top? Jones is no stranger to the UFC, with an impressive record of 26-1-0. Known for his powerful strikes and takedowns, he is widely regarded as one of the greatest fighters of all time. Jones has the experience to cope with the extreme situation which Gane lacks and that factor can win Drake his bets.


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