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Dricus du Plessis agrees he’s not making the smart move to get a fight with Israel Adesanya

With his impending bout versus Robert Whittaker, rising middleweight sensation Dricus Du Plessis has landed himself at the center of the debate. The audience and experts have questioned the choice to match him up with Whittaker rather than the reigning champion, Israel Adesanya. Du Plessis, though, is unconcerned by the harsh remarks and is prepared to demonstrate his value inside the Octagon.

Du Plessis has been creating a stir in the division with an incredibly unblemished track of 5-0 in the UFC. Many thought that between his outstanding performances and the intriguing matchup, he was going to be the best person to take on Adesanya for the crown. Du Plessis chose to divert and go up against Whittaker, though, on purpose.

Du Plessis admitted in his most recent interview that taking on Whittaker may not be the "smart move" in terms of getting an opportunity at the title. He is aware of the concerns raised by his decision, but he is motivated to disprove them by taking down Whittaker, a previous champion. From the perspective of the UFC officials and the fans, Du Plessis reckons that triumph against Whittaker would render him unquestionable.

“A lot of people are saying it’s not the smartest move to fight Whittaker and 100 percent, I agree with that,” Du Plessis told Submission Radio. “I agree it’s not the smart move, but I’m not here to be smart. Otherwise, I would’ve stayed in school and finished my studies, gone to work at a bank, wear a suit to work every day, and do some corporate life. But that’s not the life I chose. I chose to be a warrior, to be an entertainer, and at the end of the day, I’m a fighter. And that’s what I do: I fight.”

Du Plessis is interested in capturing the crown, but he desires to accomplish that based on his abilities rather than because of his animosity toward Adesanya. He seeks to take out the best competitors to showcase his superiority in the class to show that he earned the chance.

“I don’t want to get that title shot based on some hype created by, I don’t even know what, some guy who has the title who’s behaving like a little child and overreacting and now the fight is happening because of that,” Du Plessis said. “I want to deserve my title shot. I don’t want to be handed a title shot. I’m going to deserve that belt, and that’s why I wanted that Whittaker fight.”

It's a bold move from Du Plessis, but one that exemplifies his confidence and determination. As the date for UFC 290 approaches, all eyes will be on Du Plessis as he steps into the Octagon with Whittaker. This matchup promises to be a thrilling display of skill and determination from both fighters.

Will Du Plessis prove his detractors wrong and make a statement with a victory over Whittaker? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure - Dricus Du Plessis is a force to be reckoned with in the middleweight division, and he's ready to take on all challenges in his quest for greatness.


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