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Duran one of the all time greats turns 72.

On June 16th 1951 one of the greatest fighters to ever wear boxing gloves was born at Guarare Panama.

He was pure heart and courage in the ring and shinning star in boxing scene.

Turned professional in the year 1967 at age of 16 years.

He had a reputation for being a boxer of courage, resilience, determination and power.

Roberto Duran's best days was in the Lightweight division he fought great fights with great men and recorded great victories with 71-1 amazing boxing record in Lightweight division.

Nicknamed" Hands of Stone " because of his terrific and ferocious deadly blows that destroyed several notable fighters.

He was truly one of the best fighters who ever graced a boxing ring and throughout his amazing boxing career he was absolutely an incredible fighter.

Roberto Duran became the first Latin American fighter to capture World boxing titles in four divisions and is one of the most successful fighters that boxed in five decades in history of boxing from 1967 at age of 16 years till 2001 at age of 50 years.

As boxing legend cross threshold of 72 years old today. Wishing the boxing legend an amazing and prosperous birthday. Happy Birthday Champ!!!!

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