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Dustin Poirier calls Mike Chandler a 'dirty motherf*****' after dirty fishhook move during the fight

Dustin Poirier and Michael Chandler are still at odds after their explosive lightweight fight at UFC 281 at Madison Square Garden in New York last night.

Chandler, who was defeated, accused Poirier of poor sportsmanship in win, alleging he didn't appreciate how 'The Diamond' spoke to him after the fight.

However, Poirier of Louisiana has retaliated after stating that former championship contender Chandler fishhooked him during the fight and fought like a 'dirty motherf-cker.'

During an intense post-fight talk, Poirier called Chandler out on his cheating, reminding 'Iron Mike' that the UFC 'is my house.'

“I told him this is my house,” Poirier told reporters at the UFC 281 post-fight press conference (h/t MMA News). “That’s what I told him. I said, ‘This is my house.’ That’s it. And I told him he’s a dirty motherfucker, too — for putting his fingers in my mouth and blowing his nose (on me), you know? But it’s all good.” I was telling him he was dirty, yeah,” he added.

Poirier submitted Chandler with a rear-naked choke in a chaotic back-and-forth bout that lived up to expectations, earning both men Fight of the Night honors and an extra $50,000 in their purses. Poirier is presently ranked second in the UFC lightweight rankings, while Chandler is ranked fifth.


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