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Dustin Poirier Eyes Epic Trilogy with Justin Gaethje at UFC 300

In the electrifying realm of UFC matchups, few rivalries ignite the passion of fight fans quite like the saga between Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier and Justin Gaethje. With their intense history tied at 1-1, Poirier has expressed his eagerness for a triumphant return against Gaethje, eyeing a monumental trilogy showdown on the monumental UFC 300 card slated for April.

Poirier's recent journey inside the Octagon saw him suffer a knockout defeat at the hands of Gaethje in a fiercely contested "BMF" title clash at UFC 291. Despite a brief opportunity to face Islam Makhachev at UFC 294, which ultimately didn't materialize, Poirier remains in a state of preparedness, awaiting the next thrilling chapter in his storied career.

Expressing his openness to return for UFC 300, Poirier conveyed his desire for an exhilarating matchup that would resonate with fight enthusiasts worldwide.

"I’m keeping my weight low in case something happens," Poirier disclosed to MMA Junkie. "If they call me with a name that’s exciting or makes sense, like the Gaethje thing, then that was one of those."

The prospect of a third showdown with Gaethje, given their history-defining encounters—a Poirier victory in 2018 and Gaethje's recent triumph in July—stirs fervor in the fighting community.

"I would take that, for sure," Poirier affirmed. "For sure, I would take that fight."

Acknowledging the potential risk for Gaethje, who might have a title shot in the offing, Poirier understands the complex dynamics of the fight game. However, the allure of settling the score and delivering an epic clash on the milestone UFC 300 event remains an irresistible prospect for both fighters and fans alike.

As Poirier remains poised for the right opponent and an exhilarating bout, the stage is set for a potential trilogy bout that could solidify his legacy and etch another thrilling chapter in the annals of UFC history. With the world of MMA on the edge of its seat, the prospect of Poirier vs. Gaethje III at UFC 300 hangs tantalizingly in the air, awaiting official confirmation.


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