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Dustin Poirier's Shocking Prediction: McGregor vs Chandler - Who Will Reign Supreme in Just 2 Round?

Dustin Poirier, the former interim UFC lightweight champion, holds an impressive 3-0 record over Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler since 2021. Poirier's victories over McGregor came in consecutive fights, with a second-round knockout at UFC 257 and a first-round stoppage due to McGregor's broken leg at UFC 264. Poirier also toppled Chandler with a third-round submission at UFC 281. As the most recent opponent for both men, Poirier is in a unique position to provide insight on the upcoming clash between McGregor and Chandler.

Poirier leans towards McGregor if the Irish fighter can regain his pre-injury form. Despite acknowledging McGregor's injury and time away from the Octagon, Poirier believes that if McGregor returns with his timing, rhythm, and skill intact, he will be able to stop Chandler. Poirier predicts that the fight could end within two rounds if McGregor resembles his former self.

However, McGregor's health and commitment remain significant question marks leading up to the fight. McGregor, a former two-division champion, has only fought four times since 2016, winning just once. His leg injury in the trilogy match against Poirier in July 2021 has kept him out of action. McGregor has withdrawn from the USADA testing pool but is expected to re-enroll soon. He will have to complete a six-month testing period before becoming eligible to compete.

UFC president Dana White has mentioned that the promotion is eyeing a late November or December date for the McGregor vs. Chandler bout following the conclusion of TUF 31.

Similar to many others in the MMA community, Poirier is eager to see which version of McGregor will step into the cage against Chandler. Will it be the dominant and focused McGregor of the past or a diminished and unfocused former champion? Poirier believes that if McGregor dedicates himself entirely and focuses on the fight, he has the potential to turn back the clock and deliver an exceptional performance. The uncertainty surrounding McGregor's mindset adds to the intrigue of the matchup.

Interestingly, Poirier has found himself once again connected to the McGregor narrative through the release of the Netflix documentary series, McGregor Forever. The series heavily features Poirier's two victories over McGregor. Although Poirier hasn't watched it yet, he plans to do so during his training camp for his highly anticipated five-round rematch against Justin Gaethje for the vacant BMF title on July 29 at UFC 291.

Poirier acknowledges the buzz surrounding the documentary and the messages he receives from people watching it, but he intends to wait until he enters training camp to dedicate proper time to watch it. With the first week of training camp set for solo preparation, Poirier will have plenty of downtime to catch up on documentaries and immerse himself in the story. It has become a part of his routine to engage in such activities during his training camps.

In conclusion, as the most recent victor over both Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler, Dustin Poirier's prediction carries weight. Poirier leans towards McGregor if he can regain his previous form, but the fight's outcome remains uncertain due to McGregor's injury, time away from competition, and commitment. The anticipation for McGregor's return and his clash with Chandler continues to build, adding further excitement to the world of MMA.


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