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Dustin "Scrappy" Lampros: Fighter by Day, Protector by Night

Updated: Jul 4

Dustin Lampros
Photo Credits - Dustin Lampros

When he's not inside the cage dominating his opponents, Dustin "Scrappy" Lampros (9-0-0) channels his warrior spirit into a different kind of battle. The Pro MMA Fighter out of Delray Beach Florida, currently ranked as the number 14 Pro Men's Featherweight in the US Midwest, dedicates his free time to hunting down child predators in a "To Catch a Predator" style operation.

Known for his unyielding tenacity and unparalleled work ethic, Lampros brings the same intensity to his off the mat mission. Inspired by the original "To Catch a Predator" series, Dustin has taken it upon himself to confront and expose those who prey on the innocent. Utilizing a combination of savvy online tactics and in person confrontations, he collaborates with local authorities to ensure that justice is served.

His dual role as both an MMA fighter and a protector of vulnerable children highlights the depth of his character and his commitment to making the world a safer place. "Scrappy" might be his fighting moniker, but it's clear that his spirit and dedication extend far beyond the ring.

In a sport where strength and bravery are paramount, Dustin Lampros exemplifies these qualities not just in his professional career, but in his everyday life. Fans can cheer for him knowing that their champion is fighting the good fight, both inside the octagon and out in the community. Fight.TV is here for it Dustin!


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