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Dwayne Johnson Prepares for MMA Debut in.....

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, renowned actor, and former professional wrestler, has embarked on a new journey, diving into mixed martial arts (MMA) training for his upcoming role in the film "Smashing Machine." After focusing on his wrestling career this year, culminating in WrestleMania XL, Johnson is now preparing to portray the legendary MMA fighter Mark Kerr.

Dwayne Johnson

"Smashing Machine" will chronicle Kerr's remarkable career in the world of MMA, marking a significant step forward in Johnson's acting endeavors. The movie is expected to offer MMA enthusiasts a compelling glimpse into Kerr's life and achievements.

In a recent Instagram post, Johnson shared his excitement for the upcoming training camp, stating, "With WrestleMania behind me, my second training camp of 2024 begins tomorrow for my next role in a film titled The Smashing Machine. My body's banged up from Mania, but no injuries and feeling great – ready to go.

Starting my MMA workouts tomorrow. I'm coming into this in pretty good conditioning and cardio shape, but MMA is a different animal. And Mark Kerr was a 'one of one' monster."

Johnson expressed his profound respect and admiration for MMA fighters and their culture, particularly those who have battled addiction.

"I've lost so many friends (wrestlers) over the years from addiction and mental health struggle – from suicide to, it was just their time to go. This is my love letter to them. Let's get to work," he remarked.


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