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DWCS Season 5 Episode 10 : never-before-seen simultaneous groin strikes before the winner scored a h

As we know, the Contender Series is a separate promotion for UFC, designed to add promising or passionate talent to the market's leading MMA firm. UFC boss Dana White presides over the operation and grants full-time UFC contracts to successful Contender Series athletes. The last episode of this year, which took place inside the UFC Apex on Tuesday night, we have already covered in full detail. Before you are told which lucky fighters have been selected for the USC contract. Let's take a look at the rare moments of this edition that have hardly ever happened before in the UFC or this series. He was also surprised to see Series President White and matchmakers McManard and Sean Shelby. These rare incidents occurred between the battles of Bilhairinho and Kawaihae, both boys landed on the Green Strike simultaneously in the first round and at the same time fell to the floor in agony. The second most memorable event of the match came when Bilharinho ended the show with a thunderous kick in the fourth minute of the third round. Which shocked the whole crowd and all the team members. While White rewarded only two Contender Series athletes with UFC deals, the victory acknowledged Maheshate's high-octane win over Achilles Estremadura, marking him as the first Chinese fighter to win the Contender Series. ۔ Johan Lyons, who defeated Justin Berlinson in the first round, also won a UFC contract.


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