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Eddie Alvarez Confident in Victory Ahead of BKFC 56 Clash with Mike Perry

Former UFC champion Eddie Alvarez is gearing up for a fierce battle against Mike Perry in the main event of BKFC 56 on December 2nd in Salt Lake City. Both fighters are set to vie for the title of "King of Violence," promising an explosive showdown that fight fans won't want to miss.

Despite the success Perry has achieved in bare-knuckle fighting, Alvarez exudes confidence as he anticipates the matchup. In a recent interview, Alvarez acknowledged Perry's toughness but emphasized the need for skill and strategy in the ring.

“Mike’s tough as hell,” Alvarez stated. “He makes up for a lot of the lack of his stuff with his toughness. His grit, his will – that kind of stuff.
But when you’re going against another fighter like myself, who has all that, and all of them boxes are checked, then you’re going to have to rely on your skill and your game plan, and something more than just grit and will to get you by.”

Alvarez expressed his belief in exploiting Perry's perceived weaknesses, asserting, “He’s too slow, I’m going to hit him too much. I respect Mike Perry and what he does and his resilience. (But) I’m going to hit him too much, too often, too hard. If he don’t stop fighting, I think the ref’s going to stop him from fighting.”

With Alvarez confident in his abilities and Perry's determination on full display, BKFC 56 promises to be a thrilling event, showcasing the grit and skill of two seasoned fighters in the bare-knuckle arena.


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