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Eddie Hearn Blames Advisers for Talent Drain From Matchroom

Eddie Hearn Blames Advisers for Talent Drain From Matchroom

Eddie Hearn, the head of Matchroom, has criticized the “group of people” who advised his former clients, Lawrence Okolie and Joshua Buatsi, to leave his promotional outfit for Boxxer, the content provider for Sky. Hearn did not name the individuals in question but claimed that they lacked industry knowledge and were responsible for the recent talent drain on his roster.

Hearn’s comments came after Buatsi, who had been promoted by Matchroom since 2016, announced that he was joining Boxxer in search of greater exposure on national television. Hearn was critical of Buatsi’s decision and claimed that he was not confident enough to take on big fights.

Meanwhile, Okolie, a cruiserweight titlist, is set to defend his WBO title against David Light on a Boxxer/Sky Sports card this weekend. Both Okolie and Buatsi had been managed by 258 MGT, a fighter-advisory company founded by former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua.

Hearn’s Matchroom had been the exclusive boxing content provider to Sky before he entered into a multi-year deal with DAZN in 2021. Hearn claimed that some advisers had got in the ear of Okolie and Buatsi and convinced them to leave his promotional outfit. He was frustrated by the similarities in the way both fighters had departed and claimed that people were filling Buatsi’s head with stuff.

Hearn’s criticisms come as Matchroom faces increasing competition from rival outfits, with Boxxer, in particular, seeking to expand its stable of fighters and attract more viewers. The talent drain on Matchroom’s roster is likely to be a concern for Hearn as he seeks to maintain his company’s position as one of the leading promoters in the sport.


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