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Eddie Hearn Discusses Meeting with Dana White and UFC Experience

Eddie Hearn, the prominent figure behind Matchroom Boxing, recently shared insights from his encounters with some of sports' most influential personalities, including UFC President Dana White.

In a conversation with TNT Sports, Hearn recalled his first meeting with Dana White at the UFC headquarters before the Danny Jacobs versus Canelo Alvarez fight, capturing the moment at the UFC gym in Las Vegas.

Reflecting on the experience, Hearn expressed his admiration for White, recognizing him as a major influence in the business of sports and entertainment. He also mentioned meeting Conor McGregor, acknowledging his awe of both McGregor and White.

Following their initial meeting, White invited Hearn to a UFC event in London, where Hearn had the opportunity to witness the fights from cageside. Describing it as one of the best live sports experiences he's had, Hearn praised White as a great promoter and businessman.

Hearn highlighted the UFC's structured approach to matchmaking, where fighters are given a clear path of opponents and fights, contrasting it with the more varied landscape of boxing. He expressed admiration for the UFC's model, which he believes contributes to the success of many high-profile fights in MMA.

Overall, Hearn's interactions with White and his observations of the UFC's business practices left a positive impression, offering him valuable insights into the world of mixed martial arts and its unique approach to fight scheduling and promotion.


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