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Eddie Hearn on Ryan Garcia: "You can't say he didn't quit"

Ryan Garcia's Controversial Decision: Did He Quit or Succumb to Davis' Power?

In the lead-up to his highly anticipated showdown with Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia was lauded for his boldness in not just talking, but also walking the walk. However, after a punishing defeat at the hands of Davis, Garcia now finds himself the target of criticism and accusations of quitting. Eddie Hearn, who observed the fight closely, initially refrained from labeling Garcia as a quitter but has since acknowledged that the young fighter should have risen to his feet.

Garcia (23-1, 19 KOs) had long boasted about his ability to dominate Davis inside the ring, and he made it his mission to secure a fight with his rival. After enduring negotiations and giving in to many of Davis' demands, Garcia finally got his wish. Stepping into the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on April 22nd, he exuded confidence, but the fight took an unexpected turn.

Davis relentlessly punished the 24-year-old Garcia throughout the match, with a particularly brutal seventh round that saw Garcia knocked down and struggling to regain his footing. Eventually, Garcia took a knee just before Davis could continue his assault, prompting referee Thomas Taylor to halt the contest.

Initially, Garcia attributed his decision to a pre-existing rib injury, which he had mentioned to his then head coach, Joe Goossen. While many in the boxing community were unable to fully grasp the severity of Davis' body shot, there were glimpses caught on camera of Garcia explaining his unwillingness to continue.

Eddie Hearn, a prominent boxing promoter who observed the fight, initially refrained from labeling Garcia as a quitter. However, upon further reflection, Hearn acknowledged that Garcia should have pushed through and risen to his feet. In an interview with Fight Hub TV, Hearn expressed his views, stating, "If you want to be brutally honest from a boxing sense, you can't say that he didn't quit."

Garcia has vehemently denied voluntarily remaining on his knees, attributing his decision solely to the impact of Davis' body shot. While he has insisted that the blow was the determining factor, Hearn remains convinced that Garcia made the choice to quit.

Criticism and scrutiny have now become the focal point of Garcia's post-fight aftermath. The debate over whether he quit or succumbed to Davis' power continues to spark discussion within the boxing community. As Garcia navigates this challenging period in his career, the question of his decision to stay down will undoubtedly linger, leaving fans and experts divided on the matter.


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