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Eddie Hearn Promises Rigorous Drug Testing for Conor Benn’s Next Fight: Manny Pacquiao Next?

Promoter Eddie Hearn has made it clear that stringent drug testing will be in place for Conor Benn’s next fight, which is expected to take place on June 3 in Abu Dhabi. Benn, a British welterweight who failed two tests for the same performance-enhancing substance last year, is rumored to face eight-division world champion Manny Pacquiao in what could be a highly-anticipated match-up.

Hearn has been criticized for his handling of Benn’s failed drug tests and has been vocal in his belief that his charge should be allowed to fight without waiting for the conclusion of an ongoing investigation by the British Boxing Board of Control and United Kingdom Anti-Doping.

In a recent interview, Hearn assured fans that the drug testing protocol for Benn’s next fight would be “more rigorous than any fight that has ever existed.” However, he did not provide any specific details about the program that would be employed.

Benn has been critical of the World Boxing Council, which suggested that an overconsumption of eggs led to his positive tests. He has argued that clomifene was never in his body and has pointed the finger at laboratory procedures conducted by the third-party, Las Vegas-based company Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), which administered his two positive tests.

The WBC and VADA are partners in the Clean Boxing Program, a mandatory clean-up program for all fighters who are ranked with the organization. In the past, the WBC has dropped fighters from its rankings if they fail to enroll in its program. The WBC has stated that Benn will have to work with a nutritionist and “be subject to regular anti-doping testing.” VADA has not publicly responded to Benn’s statements.

It remains to be seen how the more exhaustive drug testing procedure promised by Hearn will take shape. However, fans and critics alike will undoubtedly be watching closely to see how Benn performs in his next fight and whether he can overcome the controversy surrounding his past failed drug tests.


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