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Eddie Hearn threatens to take legal action against Jake Paul: ‘What he said is totally unacceptable'

After Jake Paul claimed that Eddie Hearn's Matchroom promotion business had paid a well-known boxing judge, the British promoter hinted that he would sue Jake Paul.

Glenn Feldman was displeased with "The Problem Child" when Amanda Serrano, a boxer for his Most Valuable Promotions, defeated Katie Taylor earlier this year.

During their rematch for the unified heavyweight championship last month in Saudi Arabia, Feldman was the only referee who gave Anthony Joshua the advantage against Oleksandr Usyk.

The 5-0 fighter said that Feldman is dishonest and is being paid by Hearn's organization to score fights in their favor during a recent interview with IFL TV, which has since been taken down from YouTube.

“Everyone who watched the fight [knows] it’s not a split decision. Usyk had a runaway victory, clearly won the fight,” Paul said.

“This judge, Glenn Feldman, gives it to Anthony Joshua. It’s like a repeated crime here. This type of s***, I’m going to call it out here in boxing because it’s bulls***. Clearly, this guy is getting paid money by Matchroom Boxing.”

Hearn, who manages the careers of some of boxing's most prominent figures, took exception at Paul openly accusing his organization of match-fixing.

“What he said in terms of his allegations of corruption with Glen Feldman is totally unacceptable,” Hearn stated on Thursday to the Matchroom Boxing YouTube channel.

“We all have a laugh with Jake and he’s an average fighter but I’m telling you now, what he said is unacceptable and it will be dealt with because we take this sport, our values as a family seriously and we love the sport of boxing.

“So, for him to come out with idiotic comments without even thinking of what he said is extremely harmful to me and very disrespectful to us as a business and as a family.”

Although Barry Hearn, the son of Hall of Fame boxing promoter Barry Hearn, did not specify how he would respond to Paul's allegations, it looks that Barry Hearn will file a lawsuit.

“Jake’s comments will be dealt with appropriately,” Hearn added.

“I’m not prepared, as I would be on many occasions, to take what he is saying with a pinch of salt on this occasion because it’s banging out of order and disrespectful to the sport of boxing and me and us.

“I take it extremely personally because they’re questioning our credentials, they are questioning our integrity and I won’t have it. So, he’s going to have to take the brunt of that.

“Maybe he doesn’t care, but I do.”


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