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Enough of excuses.

Former two time heavyweight champ Anthony Joshua keeps on making excuses on the results of his first fight against Oleksandr Usyk . He claims that if Usyk wasnt lefty he would of smoked him, he also says he didnt want to hurt Usyk in their first fight and that now things are really different with new coach Robert Garcia. They are working with being more aggresive. My opinión on him giving excuses is that as a fighter you have good days and you have bad days, but even if its a bad day and you are losing and hurting, you go out and risk it and go for it. We all saw he didnt do that, he tried to survive. I dont know what happend to A.J , ever since that first Ruiz fight he isnt the same fighter. He said that if Usyk wasnt a lefty he would of smoked him, he also said that he didnt want to hurt Usyk in their first fight either. What did he want to do with Usyk in their first fight? Go to the movies then buy him flowers? Its a fight A.J ! Put your nuts on and bite down on your mouthpiece and go for it. What ever happend to that A.J that would get hurt and come back and knock you out? We saw it against White and against Klitschko. A.J has to go out and pressure Usyk and cut off the ring , make it ugly for the champ. A.J has a huge advantage in power and size , he should use it. Dereck Chisora had his moments when he fought Usyk and he doesnt have the power or talent A.J has. I think it comes down to heart. I believe he lost it against Usyk in their first fight. Does Anthony Joshua still have heart?


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