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Eubank Jr vs Smith PPV Fight Delivers Big Numbers

The January 21st fight between Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith was one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches of the year. The build-up to the bout was characterized by genuine animosity between the two fighters, with both men looking to prove their superiority in the ring. Despite no title being on the line, the fight was sold as a dangerous and high-stakes bout, with each fighter risking their reputation and future prospects with a loss.

Promoter Ben Shalom has now revealed that the final number of pay-per-view buys was "very high above 200,000", though it did not quite reach the milestone of 300,000. Despite some fans claiming that the fight wasn't deserving of its pay-per-view status, others felt that it was a big enough event to warrant the extra expense. Shalom praised the promotion of the fight, saying that it exceeded all expectations and was a great box office event, due to the 50/50 nature of the bout and the risk that both fighters took by putting it all on the line.

The card was set at a price point of £19.95 for Sky Box Office customers, and featured several exciting undercard fights, including Ekow Essuman retaining his British and Commonwealth welterweight titles against Chris Kongo in a close contest, a labored affair between former heavyweight champion Joseph Parker and Jack Massey, and knockout victories for heavyweight prospects Frazer Clarke and Matty Harris.

The outcome of the main event was a stunning fourth-round knockout victory for Liam Smith, who shocked the boxing world by sending Eubank Jr to the canvas. Eubank Jr's promoter, Kalle Sauerland, has revealed that the rematch clause in their contract with Smith will be considered over the coming weeks. Eubank Jr has expressed a desire to box Smith again after the defeat, even suggesting that he would be open to staging the rematch in Smith's home city of Liverpool.

However, Sauerland has given no indication that they are eager to pursue a rematch, saying that they need to take their time to consider their options and make the right move for Eubank Jr, who is at a pivotal stage in his career. Smith's promoter, Ben Shalom, has indicated that a rematch between the two fighters is likely to be next, but Sauerland remains noncommittal, saying that rushed decisions in boxing are often the worst decisions.

In conclusion, the fight between Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith was a high-stakes, high-reward bout that delivered on its promise of excitement and drama. Despite the outcome, both fighters have gained the respect of fans and the boxing community, and a rematch between the two is eagerly anticipated by fans of the sport. With no clear decision yet on the future of the Eubank Jr-Smith rivalry, the boxing world waits with bated breath to see what the future holds for these two talented fighters.


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