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Fabricio Andrade: Defying the Odds and Pursuing History in ONE Championship

Fabricio Andrade, also known as "Wonderboy," is a fighter who thrives on challenges. Having previously claimed the ONE Championship bantamweight title in spectacular fashion by defeating John Lineker, Andrade is now setting his sights on another remarkable feat.

On Friday night, he will step into the ring to challenge Jonathan Haggerty for the vacant ONE bantamweight kickboxing title in Bangkok.

The journey to this title bout took an unexpected turn when Andrade was initially offered the chance to face Petchtanong Petchfergus for the kickboxing belt. However, Petchtanong's suspension and title stripping due to testing positive for anabolic steroids metenolone and noldenone altered the course of Andrade's path.

Reflecting on the opportunity, Andrade shared,

"The opportunity to become a two-sport champion, the first one to cross over from MMA to striking, interested me. Petchtanong ended up failing an anti-doping test, and they switched the opponent."

While Andrade's MMA record stands at 9-2 with one no-contest, his kickboxing record is an impressive 29-1. Despite the challenges posed by transitioning between different combat sports, Andrade is confident in his capabilities, emphasizing that his extensive experience in kickboxing will serve as an advantage in the upcoming bout.

Andrade explained,

"The biggest difference this time is that I had to adapt to shorter rounds, three minutes instead of five, and bigger gloves. I liked it. It was a very long training camp, and I had plenty of time to adapt. I'm feeling very comfortable. I'm remembering those days where I fought kickboxing. I don't have to worry about defending takedowns."

What makes Andrade's journey even more remarkable is his motivation. He acknowledges that the financial rewards for kickboxing are lower compared to MMA, but his decision to embrace this challenge is fueled by the desire to make history rather than financial gain.

"The kickboxing purse is lower than the MMA purse," he acknowledged. "I'm doing this more for the challenge itself, because it's something no one has ever done, more than the financial side of it."

Andrade's plan extends beyond this kickboxing challenge. He intends to return to MMA after Friday's bout, with the possibility of pursuing additional titles in various disciplines. With a wealth of opportunities in his weight class, including kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA, Andrade envisions a future where he could potentially become a multi-discipline champion.

As he embarks on this extraordinary journey, Fabricio Andrade's determination and unwavering spirit serve as an inspiring testament to the boundless possibilities within the world of combat sports. His pursuit of history and the desire to push his own limits make him a remarkable figure to watch in the ever-evolving landscape of ONE Championship.


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