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Last night the world was surprised by the decisión the judges gave in the Haney v.s Loma fight. Everyone screamed robbery, even boxing experts and analist give the same opinión that Loma won a very tacticle war.

Loma shows he is still amongst the best in the world and gave the undisputed champion Haney a hell of a fight dispite Lomas advanced age and big size and a weight advantage the day of the fight, I personally saw a competetive fight but I had Loma winning by a few rounds. Even Haney felt a loser because he mentioned going up in weight insted of still defending his belts. Maybe he didnt want a rematch, I wonder why ? In the eyes of most boxing fans Haney lost, all he did was throw rabbit punches and hold, you cant win a fight that way, many say that because he co-promoted the event he was helped by the Nevada State Athletic Comissión. Only god knows what really happend but what the judges did yesterday are what make people stop believing in a fair boxing enviornment and loose faith in a beautiful sport.


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