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Fastest Knockouts Ever

Combat sports is no stranger to knockouts. Knockouts are the cream of the crop, the gold, the peak entertainment of combat sports. Submissions are cool too but we're here to talk about the fastest knockouts in combat sports history.

#1 The actual world record for fastest knockout ever goes to boxing. It was a golden gloves bout between Mike Collins and Pat Brownson, where Collins won by knockout in only 4 seconds! This happened in Minneapolis on November 4th 1947.

#2 Goes to the UFC when George Masvidal knocked out Ben Askren in 5 seconds with a flying knee! This happened in 2019 at UFC 239 and will always be one of the craziest knockouts ever.

#3 Is the worlds fastest MMA knockout with Marian Rusu knocking out Ben Schneider at Ultimate Challenge MMA 39 in England back in 2014. Nobody has been able to do it better in MMA since and that's surprising considering some of the matchups UFC, Bellator, Strikeforce and others have done.

What do you think is the best fast knockout of all time and one we should have included?



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